High Heels In the Closet

High heels in the closet gathering dust.

An old woman walks across her threadbare carpet.

Scuffing her ill fitting slippers. slippers that don’t fit and fall off every few steps.

She sits in a lounger positioned by a window

Where she watches life go by.

The phone dirty

Sits lonely

It never rings

Wanting rings. good morning

I’m going on the road to get my dad and then I’ll get you the money and I’ll check in the next week or so I will let him talk with him and I’ll see you tomorrow night and I can talk about you tomorrow night I wanna was a way I can do a good one and I get it.

First Time

My first time blogging.

No clue what to write.

Bear with me now.

As I acclimate

To technology

To being productive

To how to live this


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